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Boost Your Business with Wallester Payroll Cards

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What is the Wallester Payroll Program?

The Wallester Payroll Program provides an innovative and user-friendly payment solution that is designed to offer a simple and efficient way for Wallester Business clients to provide their employees, freelancers, or affiliates with a convenient payment option – Payroll Card.

Who can issue Payroll cards and to whom?


Any company registered in Wallester Business, except for the USA, has the ability to issue payroll cards. This means that companies can take advantage of this convenient payment method for their employees.

To whom:

To be eligible for a payroll card, the cardholder must be a resident of the European Economic Area (EEA) or the United Kingdom (UK). This requirement ensures that the payroll cards are issued to individuals who are legally residing in these regions, making it easier for them to receive and manage their salary payments.

Add a cardholder in a few steps

You can invite the Cardholder user via your Wallester account:

  1. Via related tab — “Payroll Cards”

  2. Via “Create a card” tab

Options from the “Create a card”

Both landing pages will redirect you to the “Invite payroll cardholder” page, where you must enter the correct phone number, email, and cardholder name as the employee name.

Procedures for Cardholders after the invitation:

Each Payroll Cardholder will receive an SMS and email with instructions on how to download Wallester App, verify identity, and order a payroll card.

  • Cardholder should follow the instructions, and download the Wallester application from the App Store or Google Play.

  • Login with the phone number that was entered by the Employer.

  • Accept the invitation

  • Proceed with the Identity verification process aka KYC:

    1. Personal Data (First and Last Name exactly as it written in ID, Date of Birth and expected turnover)

    2. Residence Address

    3. Agree with the Terms & Conditions and Price List

    4. Identity verification with selfie in-real time and ID document (ID card, passport, driving licence, residence permit)

Pricing and Limits:

  • There is a one-time €1.00 invitation fee for each new employee and a recurring €1.00 monthly fee for every Payroll Cardholder on the client's account, billed on the first day of each month.

  • Until cardholder enrolled with at least one payroll company – monthly fee €0.00 for payroll cardholder; In case that cardholder been removed from the Payroll Program, he can keep the card until the expiration date, but will be charged for €1.00 per month.

  • All cardholders have a spending limit of €5000 on a daily and monthly basis for Virtual and Physical cards.

  • The cardholder can create 1 Virtual Card and an unlimited amount of Physical Cards.

  • Cardholders can only use salary cards for their personal expenses, withdraw funds in ATMs, and make online purchases without card-to-card transfers.

  • Cardholders personal finances are secure and independent of the financial operations of their employer.

  • To create and order, the physical card – cardholder should have at least €5 on a balance to pay the delivery fee.

Single Payment Option:

Clients can send funds to the payroll cardholders within the company using the single payment option in the Client Portal. Funds will be transferred from the client's main or subaccount almost immediately to the cardholder account.

Multiple Payments Option:

This is an opportunity for Wallester Business clients to import payment data in CSV, XLSX or XML (an international banking format supported by most payroll applications) from the client's accounting system to our system. This allows clients to process up to 1,500 payments to the same (for example, different bases – salary, bonus, compensation) or different cardholders at the same time with the click of a button.

Currently, vIBAN for cardholders is not available. Cardholders cannot top up their accounts. The Client should use the cardholder's full name and phone number to fill the “Recipient” tab in the mass payment file.

Upon completion of processing (this can take up to 25 minutes with many payments) – the employee immediately gets the opportunity to use the money.

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