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How can I transfer funds from one account to another?
How can I transfer funds from one account to another?

Briefly about the internal payments

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Explore how Wallester's Client Portal streamlines internal transactions, making payments smoother within your business.

You can create unlimited dedicated subaccounts for each campaign or service need, and you can easily transfer funds between them all with a few clicks.

Internal expense payments:

  1. To make internal payments:

    1. You need at least one created subaccount

    2. Available funds on the account

  2. In the portal, find the “Payments” tab in the main menu

  3. Select the “Account Transfer”

  4. Pick from which to which account the transfer will be done

  5. Enter the amount for the transfer

  6. Provide quick description of the transfer

  7. Click “Send”

The funds will be transferred to the selected sub- or main account immediately.

Good to know:

These funds transfer applicable only for the internal created accounts or profiles.

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